Cargoloader Anwendungen 35

Distributing food with the RCP 50.1

With the CARGOLOADER ® RCP 50.1, food and beverages can easily be transported using the new interchangeable system.

Cargoloader Anwendungen 75

Distributing industrial goods with the RCP 75

Because of its amazing versatility, the RCP 75can also be used to distribute industrial goods.

Cargoloader Anwendungen RCP

Transporting waste with a variety of models

The multifunctional features of RCP series models allow garbage containers and disposal bins to be transported safely and efficiently.

Cargoloader Anwendungen RCP75

Transporting obese patients with the RCP 75 

Ground level accessibility makes it possible to transport obese patients.

Cargoloader Anwendungen 155 155.1

Transporting heavy machinery with the 
RCP 155.1/ RCPT 155

Because of the extremely low-lying floor, the cargo area is able to accommodate large and heavy machinery/vehicles most effectively.

Cargoloader Anwendungen 155

Transporting construction machinery with the RCP 155.1/RCPT 155

The RCP 155.1/RCPT 155 is the perfect way to transport construction machinery and equipment.