The compact city platform!

  • 28.5 m working height
  • 20.5 m lateral reach
  • 180° upper boom swivelling range
  • 320 kg work cage capacity
  • Overall length of just 6.96 m
  • 2 x 90° cage rotation
  • Permissible inclination: 5°
  • Tower and boom system made of high-strength, fine-grained
    steel using proven multi-bevelled technology
  • Truck can be positioned closer to objects than ever before because of the new rear-mounted tower
  • Innovation: with the fully redesigned upper boom, objects can be
    approached with utmost sensitivity and precision. Work can also be carried out behind objects without any degree of difficulty
Working height
28,50 m
Lifting height
26,50 m
Permissible inclination
Total height
3,69 m
Total length
6,96 m
Swivelling angle of upper boom
Permissible total weight
7.490 kg
Work basket size
1,70 x 0,86 m
Work basket load capacity
320 kg
Range of rotation
Lateral outreach
20,50 m

The new CITY-STEIGER ® TU 285 – mounted on a 7.49 t chassis – is the perfect work platform for cramped, inner city conditions. Assignments include: façade maintenance, industrial cleaning, roof repair, and paint jobs.

The extremely compact TU 285 features a 28.50 m working height and 20.50 m lateral reach. This exciting new model has an overall length of just 6.96 m, a short 3.60 m wheelbase, and is only 3.69 m high.

The CITY-STEIGER ® TU 285 has many special technical features. The popular and time-tested multi-bevelled tower and boom system have also been adopted on this model. What’s new? The tower section is now located at the rear and the upper boom has been newly designed. The operator is able to approach objects with unprecedented sensitivity and precision.

The newly designed upper boom is exceptionally long. The extended upper boom can easily be manoeuvred over objects so that work can be carried out behind hard-to-reach objects. The truck itself can also be positioned extremely close to the desired object.

Our TU 285 comes equipped with many exciting standard features. This includes the popular horizontal/vertical support system and a variety of features found in/on the work cage. The start-stop mechanism, cage rotation device, memory function, etc. are all standard features. The TU 285 can be controlled from the control panel in the work cage or the alternate control on the passenger side. This innovative new STEIGER ® model can carry out assignments on sloped surfaces of up to 5°.

Optionally available: outrigger controls located at the rear on both sides of the vehicle and the fully-variable support mechanism. Depending on the position of the individual outrigger, the state-of-the-art electronic control system enables dynamic range adaption for maximum operational safety and efficiency.
The work cage – 1.70 m x 0.86 m in size – is also standard equipment on the TU 285. It has an impressive 320 kg carrying capacity. The interchangeable work cage system and/or larger work cage (2.10 m x 0.86 m) are available upon request. The new work cage is 1.80 sq. metres bigger than the standard cage. Last but not least, the CITY-STEIGER ® TU 285 can be mounted onto a great variety of truck makes and models.

The CITY-STEIGER ® TU 285 leaves nothing to be desired!