(R)EVOLUTION with RÜSSEL ® - The new 25 m class on a 3.5 t chassis

  • 24.5 m working height
  • 230 kg basket load
  • Total vehicle length: 6,92 m
  • Total vehicle height: 3,02 m
  • Interchangeable cage system
  • Positioning at inclinations of up to 5°
  • Diverse base vehicles - 3.5 t (GVW)
  • Common parts to other STEIGER®
    models for even more operation
    and maintenance efficiency
  • Modern control – cockpit
  • Multi chassis and EURO
Working height
24,50 m
Lifting height
22,50 m
16,50 m
Permissible inclination
Total height
3,02 m
Total length
6,92 m
Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL®
Permissible total weight
3.500 kg
Work basket size
1,40 x 0,70 m
Work basket load capacity
230 kg
Range of rotation
Driving Licence

On the STEIGER® TBR 250, the “space-frame design” tower and multi-beveled telescopic boom have been further optimized. To compensate for the still heavier 3.5 t Euro 6 chassis, the overall weight had to be reduced without compromising sturdiness and rigidity.

Even with its steel boom system and movable jib (RÜSSEL®), the TBR  250 is able to provide a remarkable 24.5 m working height. It can be driven by anyone with a valid B/3 passenger car driver’s license.

The STEIGER® TBR 250 has a 230-kg basket load capacity, a 185° jib (RÜSSEL ®) swiveling range, and can be positioned on slopes of up to 5°. This model is an ideal substitute for aerial work platforms with similar working heights, mounted on much larger and heavier 7.49 t chassis. The TBR 250 has what it takes to carry out daily tasks with maximum efficiency.

The innovative boom system, with internal telescopic cylinders and power supply, provides an amazing 16.5 m lateral outreach at 100 kg basket load.

The 2 x 85° basket rotation mechanism and innovative slip-resistant aluminum floor and steps, have further enhanced the level of efficiency and safety of this STEIGER ® model.

The TBR 250 also features a new, interchangeable work basket system. Operators can use either the aluminum or synthetic basket, depending on the assignment.

As with other models, there is a wide range of trucks to choose from. The TBR 250 can even be mounted onto 4-wheel drive chassis with greater payload capacity. The short wheelbase facilitates easy handling in cramped, inner-city traffic conditions.

Other notable features of the STEIGER ® TBR 250 include: horizontal/vertical support mechanism (outriggers extended within the contours of the vehicle on one side only or both sides) and multi-motion operation (simultaneous lifting, swiveling, and telescoping). Set-up time is greatly reduced and operational speed has been maximized.

RUTHMANN’s time-tested, ultra-modern control technology – incorporated in the COCKPIT – ensures easy, safe, and intuitive STEIGER ® operation.

Sustainability is guaranteed through the many identical parts found on STEIGER ® models in the TB/TBR series. This modular concept provides many advantages when it comes to maintenance, repair, and parts availability.

A STEIGER ® for Everyone:

•    painters
•    building façade cleaners
•    gardeners/landscapers
•    builders/contractors
•    street light/traffic signal technicians
•    municipal workers
•    power providers
•    etc.

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