Small chassis - incredible performance

  • 22,00 m working height
  • 16.40 m lateral reach
  • 185° jib (RÜSSEL®) swivelling range
  • 230 kg work cage load capacity
  • diverse base vehicles ≥ 3.5 t (GVW)*
  • interchangeable cage system
  • total vehicle lenght: ≥ 6.92 m
  • total vehicle height: ≥ 2.99 m
  • 2 x 85° cage rotation device
  • positioning at inclinations of up to 5°
  • EURO 6 compatible (because of lightweight design)
  • telescoping boom system made of high strength, fine-grained steel with proven multi-bevelled technology
  • innovative “space frame design” tower
  • low height of work cage console for increased safety and efficiency when approaching objects
  • * gross vehicle weight
Working height
22,00 m
Lifting height
20,00 m
16,40 m
Permissible inclination
Total height
2,99 m
Total length
6,92 m
Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL®
Permissible total weight
3.500 kg
Work basket size
1,40 x 0,70 m
Work basket load capacity
230 kg
Range of rotation
Driving Licence

The new TBR 220, which has been developed specifically for the 22 m class, is based on RUTHMANN’s time-tested telescopic boom technology also utilized in the TB, T, and HEIGHT performance-series. The STEIGER ® TBR 220 fulfills long-awaited customer requirements. The movable jib (RÜSSEL ®) is 2.2 m long and has a swivelling range of up to 185°. This greatly increases agility and maneuverability when working on and behind objects.

The telescopic cylinder and power supply have been integrated internally in the innovative boom system. The TBR 220 has an incredible 16.4 m lateral reach and 22 m working height. Together with the generous 230 kg cage load capacity, this STEIGER ® model is able to carry out daily assignments with utmost efficiency.

The boom system is made of state-of-the-art, fine-grained steel and the proven, multi-bevelled technology provides maximum stability/buckling strength. The low-lying work cage console, 2x85° cage rotation device, and new slip-resistant aluminium floor and steps, have further increased the level of safety and efficiency of this STEIGER ® model.

The TBR 220 comes equipped with the innovative “space frame design” tower resulting in a 20% weight reduction. Innovative steel construction minimizes weight and maximizes buckling strength. Other weight reducing measures have also been implemented. The reduced overall weight offsets the extra weight of the new EURO 6 base vehicles.

The TBR 220 also features a new, interchangeable work cage system. Operators can use the aluminium or synthetic work cage, depending on the assignment. Until now, this feature had only been available on truck-mounted aerial work platforms in the 7.49 t category. This versatile STEIGER ® model is perfect for rental companies. They can rent the same work platform to tree cutters and to electricians, thanks to the insulated 1000V synthetic cage.

As with other RUTHMANN models, there is a wide range of base vehicles from which to choose from. The TBR 220 can even be mounted onto chassis with greater vehicle load capacity and 4-wheel drive systems. The short wheelbase facilitates easy handling in cramped, inner-city traffic conditions.

Other notable characteristics of the STEIGER ® TBR 220 include: horizontal/vertical support mechanism (outriggers can be extended within the contours of the vehicle, on one side only, or fully), positioning on sloped surfaces of up to 5°, multi-motion operation (lifting, swivelling, and telescoping occurs simultaneously). Set-up time is greatly reduced and operational speed has been maximized.

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Customer base

- Municipalities
- Craftsmen
- Utility companies
- Rental companies

A STEIGER ® for Everyone!