Simply Unbeatable!

  • 28.5 metre working height
  • 21.1 metre lateral outreach
  • at 100 kg cage load
  • versatile boom technology made from high-strength, fine-grained steel
  • rigid turret that remains within the contours of the vehicle when pivoting
  • fully variable horizontal/vertical jacking mechanism made of solid steel
  • large 1.7m X 0.86m working cage
  • sturdy, hydraulic 2 X 90° cage rotation device
  • 185° jib (RÜSSEL®) swivelling range
  • 320 kg cage capacity
  • information/diagnostic display also in working cage
  • and so much more
Working height
28,50 m
Lifting height
26,50 m
Permissible inclination
Total height
3,56 m
Total length
8,19 m
Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL®
Permissible total weight
7.490 kg
Work basket size
1,70 x 0,86 m
Work basket load capacity
320 kg
Wheelbase carrier chassis
3,90 m
Range of rotation
Lateral outreach
21,20 m*
Driving Licence
C 1/3

* depending on load, angle of rotation and outfit 
** with restriction of performance data

Our STEIGER ® T 285 combines maximum performance data with compact vehicle dimensions. It can be mounted on a variety of different chassis from 7.49t and up.

The 28.5-metre working height and 21.1-metre lateral outreach, offer enormous advantages. Rental companies, gardeners, landscapers, industrial cleaners, craftsmen, etc. will find this particular model especially interesting.

The T 285 is easy to handle. The rigid turret, which always remains within the contours of the vehicle when pivoting, functions independently without any additional hydraulic mechanisms. Low maintenance is assured.

As with the T 330, the versatile boom system made of high-strength, fine-grained steel is the integral part of the STEIGER ® T 285. State-of-the-art technology provides the T 285 with maximum stability and functionality.

The RUTHMANN STEIGER ®  T 285 not only scores points with impressive performance data but also with its compact overall dimensions. The total vehicle length is only 8.19 metres and the wheelbase is a short 3.9 metres.

The same time-tested working cage concept so popular on the RUTHMANN STEIGER ® T 330, can also be found on the T 285. The cage offers a lot of room, unrestricted mobility and has a carrying capacity of 320 kg. There is plenty of room for 3 people with tools and equipment. The standard cleaning port and tool tray are very practical in everyday situations. The sturdy hydraulic cage-rotation device and 185° swivelling angle of the jib (RÜSSEL ®) provide a high degree of mobility and versatility.

The jacking concept of the T 285 is extremely practical. Technical improvements have been made to the horizontal/vertical jacking mechanism. It now has a fully dynamic automatic adaption feature. Depending on the jacking position of the respective jack, RUTHMANN’s state-of-the-art electronic-control system is able to allocate the maximum operating range. Easy and safe positioning and operation of the aerial platform at the jobsite are assured, even when work needs to be carried out in the most difficult and cramped conditions. The STEIGER ® T 285 can even carry out assignments on sloped surfaces of up to 5°.

Please contact us by phone, fax, or email. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information about the range of services, advantages, and uses of our time-tested STEIGER ® models.