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Welcome to RUTHMANN
We produce the world-famous STEIGER ® and CARGOLOADER ®!
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RUTHMANN - qualified and reliable



Our Vision


RUTHMANN GmbH & Co KG is a modern and innovative aerial platform and utility vehicle organization that successfully operates on a national and international level. The STEIGER ® and CARGOLOADER ®  brand names are familiar worldwide.

We offer complete service for all of our products. Supply Chain Management successfully accompanies our products from start to finish. It organizes and controls everything from development to production and from sales to after-sales service. Our products and services offer cost- effective solutions and the highest safety and quality standards.


Guided by our highly competent and qualified management, we have not only established the RUTHMANN name on the national and international stage but have become the market leader in the aerial platform and special transport category.

Systematic, customer oriented thinking and performance as well as comprehensive human resources, technical know-how and decades of accumulated experience have made us the high-performance and reliable organization that we are.


Exceptional quality and technology, highest customer satisfaction and dynamic company development are the result.                            


RUTHMANN business data  overview:

Business Management: Rolf Kulawik (managing director since June 2010)
Uwe Strotmann (general manager) and Uwe Stapper (general manager)
Registered Office: Germany: RUTHMANN GmbH & Co. KG, Von-Braun-Str. 4, 48712 Gescher-Hochmoor
Subsidiary company: RUTHMANN GmbH,Gewerbeparkstr. 3, 8143 Dobl bei Graz

RUTHMANN Italia S.r.l., Via Santa Maria del piano di Sotto 91/B, 47854 Montescudo (RN)
Associate company: RUTHMANN F I N A N C E, GmbH & Co. KG
48712 Gescher-Hochmoor
Customer service stations: 8 customer service stations in Germany, Austria and France:
Germany: D-48727 Gescher-Hochmoor (Münster), D-21217 Seevetal-Meckelfeld (Hamburg), D-6452 Groß-Gerau (Frankfurt), D-14822 Borkheide (Berlin), D-71272 Renningen (Stuttgart), D-85053 Ingolstadt
Austria: A-8143 Dobl (Graz), A- 2355 Wiener Neudorf
Service points = regionally located, mobile workshops Service points in Germany:

Berlin, Bremen, Erfurt, Hannover, Munich (Krailing), Nürnberg, Ruhr, Saar, Ulm
In preparation: Unterfranken

Customer service points in France: Rethel and Nantes
Personnel: > 375 employees
Products: STEIGER ®
(STEIGER ® models are hydraulic aerial work platforms with working heights that range from 11 m to 75 m)

(CARGOLOADER ® are special transport vehicles with interchangeable loading areas that can be lifted and lowered.)

VERSALIFT ® - aerial work platforms (manufacturer TIME)

BLUELIFT - spider platforms (manufacturer RUTHMANN Italy)

ECOLINE - tracked aerial platform (manufacturer RUTHMANN Italy
Business Volume: > 142 Mill. Euro / Year

Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG - von-Braun-Str. 4 - 48712 Gescher-Hochmoor - GERMANY - Phone: +49 2863 204-0 - Fax: +49 2863 204-212 - E-mail: info@ruthmann.de