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STEIGER ® T 380 celebrates world premiere at the MATEXPO trade show in Kortrijk, Belgium30.08.2013

Only 5 months after the world premiere of HEIGHT performance STEIGER ® T 720, RUTHMANN has now added the latest innovation to this very successful series of large machinery. The high-performance STEIGER ® T 380 is smaller than the others but equally impressive.

MATEXPO in Belgium is a trade show specializing in construction machinery. This year, the 35th MATEXPO international trade show will be held in Kortrijk, Belgium from Sept. 4 – Sept. 8, 2013. RUTHMANN's sales and service partner, TIME Benelux, will be on location to showcase its exciting assortment of Versalift and RUTHMANN STEIGER ® truck- mounted aerial platforms. The real eye catcher at the stand will be the newest addition to the popular HEIGHT performance series – the STEIGER ® T 380. This innovative new work platform will be making its world debut at MATEXPO 2013.

The T 380 provides 5 m of additional reach when working at the 34 m level. This is the greatest benefit for customers and interested parties who are interested in truck-mounted aerial work platforms in the 35 m – 40 m working-height range.Models in the HEIGHT performance series provide operators with extraordinary performance capabilities when working up high. The STEIGER ® T 380 is no exception with its unique, long upper boom concept with movable jib (RÜSSEL) and state-of-the-art steel construction.

Seitenansicht_T380_beschriftet.jpg Caption:
The boom concept of the T 380 is exactly the same as on the other models (T 460, T 540, and T 720) in the popular HEIGHT performance series. It consists of a very long, telescoping upper boom and long movable jib (RÜSSEL). The advantages are clear as operators now have an extra 5 m of upper boom length at their disposal, compared to previous models in this category.

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As with the other models in the HEIGHT performance series, the T 380 offers an excellent price – performance ratio. This has led to an unexpected increase in the number of orders for large machinery over the past 1.5 years. RUTHMANN reports that more than 70 units have been sold to date.

The T 380 will be presented on a single-tire, four-wheel drive MAN 18 t chassis. This unit is therefore suitable for every type of work assignment imaginable. It is the ideal work platform for rental companies, electricity providers, gardeners, landscapers, farmers, tree cutters, larger municipalities, and many more. However, RUTHMANN has emphasized that the T 380 can also be mounted on other special or conventional chassis varieties because of the “multi-chassis-compatibility” feature.

The total vehicle length of the STEIGER ® T 380 is just 9.76 m. It is extremely compact but very powerful at the job site. The T 380 has a 38 m working height, 31 m lateral reach, 600 kg maximum cage load capacity, and is equipped with a standard telescoping cage (optional Lift-Up System available for heavier items). Furthermore, it can safely be positioned on sloped surfaces of up to 2°.

In addition to the world premiere of the T 380, TIME Benelux will also be showcasing two other successful STEIGER ® models at MATEXPO 2013.  The popular TBR 200 and the performance champion on a 3.5 t chassis – STEIGER ® TB 270 (with a 27 m working height) – will also be on display at the TIME Benelux stand.

In the fall of 2013, RUTHMANN will be adding yet another model to its HEIGHT performance series - the brand new T 630.

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