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High Performance-STEIGER ® T 720 Celebrates World Premiere15.04.2013

Ruthmann_T720_web.jpg RUTHMANN’s newest innovation in the HEIGHT performance series is called the STEIGER ® T 720. Mounted on a 4-axle chassis, this outstanding new model – the continuation of large-scale machinery – made its international debut at the bauma 2013 trade show in Munich, Germany.  The upper boom of the STEIGER ® T 720 consists of a triple-telescoping system and movable jib (RÜSSEL ®). As with the smaller siblings in this series – the T460 and T 540 – the most beneficial feature is the extra length of the upper boom.

The overall length of the upper telescoping boom system of the new STEIGER ® T 720 measures almost 20 metres. Compared to the makes of top competitors, the upper boom on this newest STEIGER ® T model is 5.5 meters longer. The extra length really makes a noticeable difference when working on high-up objects where every centre metre counts. For example, with a working height of 68 m and 100 kg working cage load, operators still have a 21.4 m reach at their disposal. That is 6.4 metres more than the previous leader in this category had been able to provide.

 Greater lateral reach, more working height and enhanced flexibility ... the T 720 is simply unmatched. This state-of-the-art model has an impressive 72 m working height and 38 m lateral reach. It features the following innovative HEIGHT performance properties which have become extremely popular in a short period of time: long telescopic upper boom with a movable jib (RÜSSEL ®), permissible inclination of up to 2 °, 600 kg working cage load capacity, well-designed and multifunctional working cage concept, telescoping working cage that can be extended to 3.82 m width, etc. etc. Despite all of these incredible features, the total vehicle length is a compact 13.7 m.
Overview of the eight most significant advantages of this magnificent new STEIGER ® model:

Extended upper boom unlocks amazing new dimensions at the job site
As with its predecessors, the T 540 and T 460, the special highlight of the T 720 is the very long and telescoping upper boom design, which includes the long, movable jib (RÜSSEL ®). The advantages are clear. Compared to previous models in this class, operators now have an extra 5.5 m of upper boom length (nearly 20 m total reach) at their disposal. Because users have greater lateral reach when working at elevated heights, this system opens up entirely new dimensions at the job site. This feature also maximizes safety because no large boom sections need to be moved when working up high.

Extended jib (RÜSSEL ®) with increased agility opens up new dimensions in versatility
The extended upper boom and jib (RÜSSEL ®) can be manoeuvred around delicate objects such as glass surfaces and advertisement panels with great sensitivity. Work can be carried out at and behind obstructions including electric cables, pipes, and building fronts. The movable jib (RÜSSEL ®) provides endless possibilities. The 2 X 90° cage-rotation device and telescoping working cage nicely round off the desirable features found on this new, easy-to-handle STEIGER ® innovation.

The new working cage – an excellent place to work
RUTHMANN has also optimized the standard telescoping and movable aluminium working cage. It has an impressive 600 kg load capacity and can be extended in width hydraulically from 2.42 m to 3.82 m.

RUTHMANN’s “Lift-Up System”
The optional “Lift-Up System” is practical, safe, and efficient.  Whether you are installing glass window panes, signs or advertising displays, with the new “Lift-Up System” integrated into the working cage, heavy or bulky items can be lifted safely to the desired position. The unique design of the new “Lift-Up System” permits the load to be picked up right at ground level.  Particularly advantageous: RUTHMANN’s “Lift-Up System” does not need to be transported separately and no awkward on-site assembly is required. Furthermore, there are no stumbling hazards in the working cage.

Multifunctional outrigger control for maximum efficiency
The four outriggers of the new T 720 can be controlled individually from the rear on both sides of the vehicle. This is something new for RUTHMANN STEIGER ® models in this class. This feature facilitates better judgement when jacking and increases safety at the job site. Easier positioning of the outrigger pads greatly reduces set-up time. The outriggers can also be controlled using the alternate control on the passenger side or directly from the control panel located in the working cage. The automatic-retraction mechanism saves valuable time and is very user-friendly.

Multi-Chassis STEIGER ®
This powerful truck-mounted aerial platform can be mounted onto numerous chassis from a great variety of different manufacturers. All–wheel drive chassis can also be utilized.

Chassis types available
The T 720 can be mounted on all major truck makes and models. Different types of drive trains, including 8x2, 8x4, 8x6, or 8x8 are available. Customers can also choose between standard and sleeper cabs.

State-of-the-art, multi-bevelled boom technology
An additional highlight of the T 720 is the innovative boom technology. The telescoping boom is made of cold-rolled, high-strength, fine-grained steel. It is multi-bevelled for maximum tensile strength and the least amount of overall weight. The patented new tower is also multi-bevelled for increased sturdiness and reduced weight. RUTHMANN's time-tested expertise in steel construction guarantees top-quality design and workmanship.

Solid performance even BELOW GROUND

The amazing agility of the jib (RÜSSEL ®) and telescoping/rotating features of the working cage enable the STEIGER ® T 720 to carry out assignments to 12 metres below ground.

With compact overall dimensions – total vehicle length of just 13.7 m and height of only 3.99 m – coupled with the fully-variable support mechanism, the T 720 can easily carry out assignments in cramped inner-city conditions and congested areas.
The enormous jack lift and permissible inclination of up to 2 degrees enable safe positioning in rough and uneven terrain, including slopes.

When we put all these factors together, we come to one simple conclusion: the amazing STEIGER ® T 720 – tangible customer benefits while working in new dimensions.

In the late summer/ fall of 2013, RUTHMANN will be adding two more models to its HEIGHT performance series – the T 380 and T 630.

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