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2014 IAPA Awards – STEIGER T 720 wins the “Oscar” in the work platform industry04.04.2014

Our STEIGER ® T 720 has just won the IAPA “Product of the Year” Award. This top-of-the-range HEIGHT performance series model made quite an impression on the international jury, leaving the competition far behind.

 STEIGERotYEAR_2013_T720_web.jpg The IAPA Awards (International Award for Powered Access) – regarded by many as the “Oscars” of the work platform industry – are the most important awards in the international aerial work platform industry.

The awards recognize exceptional achievements and best developments. This worldwide competition has been jointly organized by Access International and IPAF for the past six years. Over 500 industry professionals from around the world were in attendance at this year’s award ceremony which was held at the Beaumont Estate Hotel in Old Windsor, England on April 3, 2014.

This was the third time that RUTHMANN participated in the awards, the third time that we were nominated, and the third time that we won this distinguished prize. Our HEIGHT performance- STEIGER ® T 540 won last year and our RUTHMANN STEIGER ® T 330 was the winner in 2012.

Featuring a 72 m working height, the STEIGER ® T 720 is the pinnacle of the HEIGHT performance-series. In addition to the T 720, the successful product line also includes the T 380, T 460, T 540, and T 630. These powerful STEIGER ® models are made of high-tech steel and offer far greater performance capabilities than ever before. They also score major points with their exceptional price/performance ratio.
STEIGER ®models in this series satisfy all of the important customer needs that were identified during discussions with customers prior to design and development. The most striking feature is the innovative the telescopic boom concept. The very long telescoping upper boom system with movable jib (RÜSSEL ®) opens up entirely new dimensions in accessibility at the job site.

A_RUTHMANNSTEIGER_T720_web.jpg Models in the successful HEIGHT performance-STEIGER ® series have provided us with highly successful sales results.  Over the past two years, we have sold more than 100 models to satisfied customers in Europe and around the world. With these innovative models, we have even tapped into the North American and Australian markets.

A new, additional HEIGHT performance-model – the STEIGER
® T 400 – is already in the "wings". The new T 400 is scheduled to make its debut at the APEX trade show in Amsterdam in June, 2014. To learn more about our complete HEIGHT performance-series, please click here.

Here is a picture of the 2014 IAPA Awards winner T 720 in action. The boom concept of the T 720 consists of a very long, telescopic upper boom and long, movable jib (RÜSSEL ®). The innovative boom design offers tremendous benefits. Operators now have an additional 5.5 m boom length (almost 20 m total reach) at their disposal compared to previous models in this class.

Award ceremony in Windsor
from left to right:
Dominique Lacombe Export Sales Managerin, Rolf Kulawik (
general manager RUTHMANN), Uwe Strotmann (general sales managerRUTHMANN) and Dom Holland Showmaster IAPA-Award ceremony

(source - KHL)


RUTHMANN was nominated in three categories at this year’s IAPA Awards and we won the coveted prize in two of them. In addition to the Product of Year Award, our long-time service employee – Josef Hollstegge – was honoured for his extraordinary achievements in aerial work platform safety. Please click here for more information.


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