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We produce the world-famous STEIGER ® and CARGOLOADER ®!
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STEIGER ® TBR 220 – Production Right On Schedule15.07.2013

TBR220_Profil_Vielkanttechnologie_web.jpg TBR220_Stilleben_web.jpg
In the summer of 2013, the TBR 220, mounted on a 3.5 t chassis, will mark the beginning of a brand new development.

This is first of several production updates we are providing to keep you informed about the production status of this STEIGER ® innovation.

The TBR 220, with its technical specifications in design and steel construction, will be quite a sensation. The telescoping boom system is made of cold-rolled, ultra high strength, fine-grained steel. It is multi-bevelled for optimum stability at the lowest possible material weight.
TBR220_Drehturm_geschweisst_web_.jpg Even the redesigned tower section is multi-bevelled for increased sturdiness. We patented this technology for the heavier models in our HEIGHT performance-series The tower is lightweight but torsional rigidity has been greatly enhanced.

Decades of steel-construction know-how and competence that is second to none, guarantee top quality, reliability and durability.

The TBR 220 is also equipped with an interchangeable working cage system. Operators can use the aluminum working cage or the synthetic cage, depending on the assignment.

This is an ideal feature for rental companies who will now be able to rent the same work platform to tree cutters as well as electricians, for example.

We will be providing additional updates on the progress of the TBR 220 at a later date.

Your RUTHMANN team.

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